Q. How Do I Enter a GCVA Tournament?
A. There are actually six ways to enter a tournament.

  • E-Register Online
  • Call the office at (832) 928-4120 and enter by phone.
  • Fax the entry form to (281) 482-7627
  • Mail the entry form with a check to the GCVA at 4515 Sugarbars Dr Friendswood, TX 77546
  • E-mail the GCVA at (Leave the names of the players, division of play, and phone #)
  • You can register at the beach. There is a $10 per team late fee if you do not use one of the above methods and register at the beach
Q. How do I pay for an E-Mail, Phone, or Fax Entry?
A. When you check-in at the beach we will collect your fee from you. We accept Checks, Cash, and Money Orders. We do not accept credit cards.
Q. Do I have to be a GCVA member to play in the tournament?
A. No. There are no membership requirements for any GCVA tournaments or leagues.
Q. What time do I have to be there?
A. Check in time is before 8:30AM. We are usually there by 6:00AM and will check in anyone who is ready. We have a players meeting at 8:45 and play starts at 9:00. We try to start as close as we can to 9:00AM and may take entries up until pool play starts. We reserve the right to let or deny anyone entry into a tournament who shows up late.
Q. How do I find Check-In?
A. Stewart beach is one of the easiest places to find. Follow I45 (changes to Broadway) until you hit water. If you hit water you are there. Actually Stewart beach is a little to the left. There is a big sign with the inscription “Welcome to Stewart Beach” and a GIANT pavilion. The courts are in front and sometimes to the east of the pavilion. Look for the big blue tent. That is where you check in.
Q. What happens if I am late for check-in?
A. You might lose your spot in the tournament. If your entry is pre-paid you will forfeit your entry fee. If your entry is a phone, fax, or e-mail entry see the question below. While we try to understand, our responsibilities are with the players that are there on time. When you are late no one knows for sure whether you are coming or not. Just because you called in does not mean you are in the tournament. No body gets put into a pool unless their entry is PAID.
Q. What happens if I don't show up after entering by Phone, Fax, or E-Mail?
A. Your Phone, Fax, and E-Mail entry privileges will be revoked for the rest of the season. You must then pre-pay or register at the beach and pay the $10 late fee because we could not accept your e-mail, phone, or fax entry. That may seem harsh but our responsibilities are to the players that do show up.
Q. What do I do at Check-In?
A. First and foremost, don’t be late, at the very least; it will cost you money and possibly your spot in the tournament. More importantly, about 150 people are waiting for you so that we can start. When you get to the site, come to the big blue tent, and fill out the registration form, even if you called, faxed, or e-mailed your registration. Remember you are not in the tournament until your name is on the board. Your name is not on the board until you PAY. Once you pay and your name is on the board then you can go to your net, and set up camp. A caution is we sometimes re-pool and your net # can change. All pools are completed by the time the captains meeting starts. While the rules are being read please check again, on the board, for your team net #. After the captains meeting we start pool. We then expect team # 1 to come up to the check in table and pick up their pool's clipboard. The clipboard will have the division and net #. We then would like the person who picked up the clipboard to fill in the team names from the team board in that pool.
Q. What do I do when I get to my Net?
A. First thing you should do is to check the court for any foreign objects. After the captains meeting your clipboard and pool sheet should be there within 5 minutes. Please check to see if your name is on the clipboard. Then check to see what team # you are. It should have been on the check in board but it could have changed. (We try very hard to make sure that all the pool sheets are at the courts by 9:30 AM). Check to see if you play, referee, keep score, or are waiting to play according to the schedule on the sheet. Usually, someone at the net has played before and knows the drill. Yes, you must referee when you are scheduled to do so. If you need a rulebook we have them at the director's booth and a short version is on the back of the clipboard. Then you can warm-up or just chill out until your time to play.
Q. What division do I play in?
A. The GCVA does not decide divisions or rate players; players have to earn their rating. You can play in any division you want. Upon earning a rating by placing in a GCVA events you must then play in the division of you're rating or higher. Any rated player who wants to play down must receive permission from the tournament director. Permission will only be given if you are playing with a player such as your son, dad, spouse etc. (someone who's rating is below the division you wish to play). If you finish last in pool play you can then ask to have your rating lowered one level.
Q. What do I do at the End of Pool Play?
A.. If you did well in pool play and are one of the top two teams on your net you will continue on to the single elimination playoffs. The winner of pool should bring the pool sheet to the director's booth and then await the start of the playoffs. If you didn't do so well, you can usually find other players to commiserate your mutually bad fortune with, go home, stay and watch the playoffs, or just hang out.
Q. What happens if I'm in the Playoffs?
A. In the playoffs you will play back-to-back matches until you either lose or win the tournament. The matches may require you to move from net to net in your division and after each match (IMPORTANT) you need to fill in your result on the playoff board.
Q. What do I do if I lose in the Playoffs?
A. You must stay and referee the next match. If you don't and the teams complain to us you will forfeit the next time you make the playoffs and referee then. This severely draconian penalty is strictly enforced! Stay and Ref! If you won, you would stay to play.
Q. What happens if I win? Or what are the prizes?
A. You come to the director's tent and we all celebrate your victory with handshakes, hugging, kissing, backslapping, and, oh yeah, we give you your Prizes. Please see the prize list for a general idea of prizes.
Q. Do you give away money?
A. If you asked this question I have a feeling the GCVA is not for you. I suggest you go to an AVP qualifier or some other type of pro tournament.
Q. How can I find someone to play with?
A. Go to GCVA web site to post a listing and then look through the other listings to find someone you might want to play with. The only other answer is to ask anyone and everyone that you think might want to play (Don’t limit yourself to just people you already know play VB) until someone either says yes or suggests someone else for you to play with.
Q. Can I bring food, drinks, etc to Stewart Beach?
A. Stewart Beach is a non-alcohol family orientated beach. You can bring food, non-alcohol beverages, umbrellas Etc. Stewart Beach does have a concession stand with a full grill, indoor/outdoor showers changing rooms, life guards, first aid (during the summer season), umbrella & chair rental and is home for the sheriff's Dept. Stewart beach does have rules concerning pets, etc. The most enforced rule in the volleyball area is the no-tent rule. (Players cannot bring personal tents) but umbrellas are allowed. We suggest you invest in one of the big patio type umbrellas. The GCVA does not make up or enforce any rules. The parks dept. and Stewart Beach park staff enforce them.
Any other questions? Please e-mail them to: or call us at 281-482-1376.


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